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search engine rankingAre you in the race? EPS Technologies can not only keep you in the race, they will bring you to the winners circle. Search engine positioning and ranking is the key to your future advertising and marketing. Listed below is important information about some of the services we offer and our search engine placement service. Most website developers have no idea how search engines work, or what is needed to improve search engine positioning. Our web site promotion services will give you the internet placement that you must have to promote your business. Top web sit ranking will give you the best return on your marketing investment, not only for today, but for years to come.

1.Improve Relevant Content
2.You'll Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Keyword strength within page text is essential to improve your search engine ranking strength of keyword enriched titles and descriptions.

Content relevancy is the foundation of search engine ranking. Content is truly the king. Keywords establish relevancy to a search phrase. If you want to improve your search engine ranking potential, focus on these ranking priorities.

  1. Spiders are attracted to exact word-for-word matches to search queries.
  2. Spiders are impressed when keywords appear early and later on your page. Open with strong keyword relevancy and close with a keyword enriched conclusion.
  3. Spiders are attracted to larger text sizes, particularly those in boldface. Web page headlines, section heads and paragraph heads are therefore valuable keyword phrase locations that strengthen your search engine ranking potential.
  4. Web pages with total word counts of 300 to 600 words with a keyword inclusion ratio of 3% to 5% generally enjoy higher ranking.

We approach main text copywriting from a practical viewpoint…

Write your copy from a clear, concise perspective with your most productive keyword phrases completely in-mind. Inject those phrases where it makes sense to subject-flow and user-interest. When the initial draft is complete, try and edit the phrase positions to the locations preferred by the search engines. Then build extra keyword frequency into your copy to a "comfortable" ratio. We feel it's better for website ranking to border on a higher ratio of keywords-to-total words.

If your copy reads well, without so many keywords that it interrupts message flow, it is probably well-balanced between search engine ranking consideration and being of compelling interest.

Efforts to "improve your search engine ranking" is never finished. Check your keyword phrase ranking often, analyze those web sites ranked above yours and make keyword and keyword phrase adjustments that could improve your search engine ranking. Ranking strategy is a continuous process of fine-tuning your ranking position. Next time someone asks you, "how to improve their search engine ranking", just give them the facts. Improve your content relevancy and you'll improve your search engine ranking.

High search engine ranking measures keywords in every location detectable by a search engine spider. Keyword ranking strength is a cumulative strategy.

In addition to Titles, Descriptions and Main Body Text, there are several other locations where keywords strengthen high search engine ranking.

Graphic Alt-Tags

Search engine spiders only recognize HTML text. Graphical elements including Fonts, Photographs and Logos are "blind spots" to a search engine and do not contribute to improving high search engine ranking… unless they are "alt-tagged" with HTML descriptions.

Although some search engines do not consider the ranking value of keywords in alt-tags, as ranking value they could contribute to improving high search engine ranking for those search engines that do consider them as ranking value

Domain Web Page URLS

With some search engines and major directories, improving search engine ranking is influenced by keywords contained within an URL.

For example… "" would contribute greater search engine ranking value versus ""

Using keywords in web page sub directory extensions not only improves search engine ranking potential… they improve "theming ranking value" which contributes to improving high search engine ranking.

For example… "" carries greater search engine ranking value versus "".

When registering domain names that use keywords, always place hyphens ( - ) between words. Use "underscores" ( _ ) to separate keywords in page naming extensions. Otherwise, a search engine will not recognize the ranking value of the individual words.

A few hints…

  • Within the spirit of relevancy integrity, alt-tag keywords should always be related to web page content.
  • Alt-tags are a great opportunity to strengthen high search engine ranking for "word-for-word" matches to a search query.
  • Include both "singular" and "plural" word forms.
  • Generally, there are no character count limits to alt-tags, but since they are viewable at "roll-over", they should not consume so much space that they would be disruptive to the user.
  • Alt-tags placed on graphic navigation points are a convenience to the user when they describe what the user will discover at the destination.
  • Your company name and regional or local market could be important keywords, when they are your primary target audience.

Hypertext Links/Anchor Text

They are "click to" link connections to another web page, whether internal or external. Keywords contained in text links strengthen search engine ranking value. When they exactly match search phrases, the ranking value increases.

Instead of saying "click here", use keyword phrases to describe what the user will discover at destination.

As an example…

A link description such as "keyword value to search engine ranking" would be better then "keyword value" and much more valuable than "click here".

META Keywords

Few search engines use or trust meta keywords since there has been so much abuse with keyword spamming and use of words that are unrelated to web page content.

Some search engines still use them as ranking value, although they typically are not weighted highly.

A few hints…

  • Include entire keyword phrases. Do not repeat exact keyword phrases consecutively.
  • Incorporate both singular and plural word forms as well as any keywords that are acceptable as one or two words.
  • Use lower-case letters. Don't be concerned about case sensitivity.
  • Separate keyword phrases by commas.
  • Include your company, city and state names.

Take Full Advantage of Improving Search Engine Ranking Potential

Improving high search engine ranking mandates that you take advantage of every reasonable opportunity to include keywords in locations that take advantage of high search engine ranking potential. Target your most valuable search queries.

The reward will be high search engine ranking and search engine referred traffic.

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